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Hour 25 - Special Clips

          Here are some audio clips I've found that were fun, interesting, or strange and seemed worth putting up in their own section; so have fun and hear the strangeness.

    October 18, 1974.
  • Time: 7:26 - Intro - Soft Core Phonography Intro.
    For years this piece opened most broadcasts of Soft Core Phonography, the show that followed Hour 25, it has an interesting take on how radio came into existance.

    November 1, 1974.
  • Time: 2:37 - Song - Americans.
    This was a parody of a pro Viet Nam song that came out in late 1973 early 1974.

    November 15, 1974.
  • Time: 4:04 - LP - Frank Ajaye.
    Oriental Farm, Monsters, Country and Western shows, Post Grapenuts.
  • Time: 2:22 - Song - “It Is Station K, PFK
    This song was used during fund drives as a different way to let people know what KPFK was.
  • Time: 1:49 - Promo - Never Give Anything Away.
    This is one of the promos Mike Hodel did to keep the pitching going and the money coming in during the fund drives on Hou 25.
  • Time: 5:59 - Pitching - The Raid.
    This may not have been great acting but it's typical of the fun people had raising money for the station.

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