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Hour 25
July to Decenber, 1976.

WARNING: Bad Spelling, polite corrections welcome.

Hour 25 - July 3, 1976.
Intro; The Calendar; Tape - seminar: Gerold A. Soffen, understanding Mars; Ray Bradbury, poetic view of Mars; Charles Colhace, ; Robert Kramer, NASA'a space programs: x, the history of earth, exploring the solar system; cancelation of Viking Mars July 4 landing, phone message about the mars lander.

  • Time: 31:25 - “Dr. Carl Sagan” - The history of earth, exploring the solar system.

  • Time: 1:10 - “Viking Update” - cancelation of the Viking Mars July 4 landing reschedueled to July 17 phone machine announcement.

Hour 25 - July 10, 1976.
Intro; Simon Camerin 1901 statement, coming up, Admiral William Lahe A-Bomb quote in 1945, little Willy poem, Lee Sanders postcard about Future World; Mitch didn't like Logan's Run very much; Mike reads "Monsters, Why People Need Them," from New York Times; Mitch reviews The Omen; Mike reads "If Humanity Passes It's Exam," by R. Buckminster Fuller in The Christian Science Monitor; a double feature Tunnel Vision and A Boy And His Dog; Mitch liked "The Big Bus" (I agree!); how is Kathy?; Mike forgets The Calendar; The Calendar; a little silence; Mitch has no "Star Beast" news; Phones: "Forbidden Planet" soundtrack is now available, WesterCon review, The Capture At Capture Room; I like the show, can't tell difference between Mitch and John Henry, likes Tolein, The Simarilian, Change Of Hobbit bookstore, Celtic mythology; discuss The Omen, Crockateat, did like "Logan's Run," "Shake Hands With The Devil,"; Dahlgran in Virginia, Hobit's phone number, Tunnel Vision; director Michal Anderson; Fairweather- religion, myths, evolving the culture, (How the hell do I describe this call), Star Trek not headed toward feminism; Bob Feori- quote about C. S. Lewis, the space program, comic books, the comic book code, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues quote; Station I.D.; Dahlgren Virginia's location; Logan's Run, Michal Anderson's credits; what dragons symbolize, architypes, Charles Darwin will grade humanity; Society For Elvish Studies info, phsycology; Neandertal man info, burial site quote, La Fair Asea? in France, cave bear cults; More Than Human simillar book suggestion; Dick Loopof, Amazing magazine, story submissions; book stores, distributors, The Paperback Shack, biological symitry, child birthing; brain convolusions, phsycologists, Asimov's lecture, man will resist space travel - Things To Come; Hour 25 is lasered; coming up; good night; Tape "A Burtrum Chandler" interviewed by Mike Hodel on July 4, 1976; how started, how many John Grimes stories, is Grimes Chandler? Captain Blig h was the good guy; SF differences between Australia and U.S., ever tempted to kill off Grimes, writers you enjoy, The Outsider, do you know the story from the beginning to end, how many drafts, write anything other than S.F., working on now, Grimes chronology, copyrights, out of print, Spartan Planet, writers you like and don't like, fan differencs in countries, no Hugo or Nebula, British S.F., how much did John Campbel influence you, rejected stories, Australian press opinion of S.F.;

  • Time: 0:15 - Little Willy - read by Mitch Harding.

  • Time: 3:59 - “Monsters, Why People Need Them” - read by Mike Hodel.

  • Time: 4:03 - “If Humanity Passes Its Exam” - by R. Buckminster Fuller read by Mike Hodel.

  • Time: 0:52 - “The Calendar” - Mike forgets The Calendar.

Hour 25 - July 17, 1976.
Intro; coming up; The Calendar; live "Lowel Ponti" interviewed by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding: the ice age, growing ice, we're in an ice age now, ice age symptoms, the Jupiter effect, last ice age, unstable weather, food shortages, triage, nuclear weapons, cold war - blocking the Gulf Stream, weather warfare, preparing for an ice age; ID; Phones: Playboy article on new ice age, Chan Thomas cataclystologist, the magnetic pole is moving, magnetic reversals, the plague, reversing a cooling trend, New York earth quake, Storm Furry moved to the west coast, statistics, food shortages, triage, weather adjusting, warfare, fear nature or eco tampering, is Lowel a futurist, flooding in Mexico, the Jupiter effect, calling his cat over the radio; coming up, good night; Tape - "Wester Science Is So Wonderful" by Cordwainer Smith read by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - July 24, 1976.
Intro, CU, The Man Who Fell To Earth, A Boy And His Dog, Harlan Ellison, Ralph Bakshi, Lord Of The Rings; The Calendar; MT updates Dune MV info, Star Beast MV - Alien; LIIN Octavia E. Buttler by MKMT: BK title; LIRE Prologue to “Pattern Master” RBMK; Haji mutes, how the prologue was written, Clarion, how the book started, how she started writing, previous stories, writing short stories, other stories, psychologist halucinatibg a bear, why SF, getting into Clarion, writing mistakes, how do you write, how did you feel when you got your first book in hand; LIRE Mind Of My Mind XC RBMK; the ST line, how the BK came about, publishing the BK, WR “Mind Of My Mind”, next BK is about the Mutes, “Switchback” novel, what you do and don't want to do with your writing; ID; women SF writers, have any trouble WG men characters; PH: Bill Hayes- black writer, serializing the BKs, first submission sold, BK is the logical equivalent of Dune, GS first submission sold, PickWick, publishing dates, Heinlein at JPL Mars landing, KPFK's coverage of the Mars landing, being console side at the landing; Viking landing; GS favorite WRs; what HE's been doing, HE got maried to Lori; future sinnarios, liberals / progressives, not reporting on 60's topics; dreading moving to Texas-will miss Hour 25, GSs luck with publishing, editor's reactions to GSs submissions, how long the publishing process took, contract advice; HE aint the marying kind, why so many attacks on space exploration, 7 million ham sandwhiches; TYGS, GSBKs, “Patternmaster” was not the title GS wanted, CU, GN; TAPD “The Viking 1 Mars Landing” on Tuesday, July 20, 1976 at 5:13am; PDMK- touch down; David Cloud- IN Ray Bradbury, about Edger Rice Buroughs, man on Mars; David describes the control center, how the landing will happen, the landing; Carol Bersheers describes the control center; MKRE how Reuters led the ST; David Cloud- IN Theodore Sturgeon, his reaction to this event, will the landing take some of the magic away, how long until man is on Mars, money spent on the space effort; PHTA Viking News Center announcement about the landing; MKRE what will happen after the landing; Steve Kilston describes what's happening, what the lander's doing, speculating on what life signs might be found; the pictures are arriving; Carol Bersheers and Ed Thomas describe the pictures coming in; David Cloud IN Robert Heinlein, his reaction to the pictures, man on Mars, Mars is different than Mars in “The Red Planet”, the human race is not going to stop; Ed Thomas TA describing the biology experiments; MKOT; ID.

  • Time: 34:02 - “The Viking 1 Mars Landing” - coverage produced by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - July 31, 1976.
Intro; Live "The Wall" by Sam Isenstein; The Calendar; Mike intros the Sherlock Holmes parody tape, Tape "This Here Is Your Life Sherlock Holmes" recorded June 18, 1976; Station I.D.; coming up; OR Dimension X "And The Moon Be Still As Bright" by Ray Bradbury; OR Dimension X "Report On The Barnhouse Effect" by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.; OR X Minus One "The Map Makers" by Fredrick Pohl; Outro; Sign off.

  • Time: 2:52 - “KPFK sign off.

Hour 25 - August 7, 1976.
News: Viking update; Intro; coming up; Mitch reviews "Patternmaster" and Otavia Buttler; MItch reviews "The Stocastic Man" by Robert Silverberg; "The Twilight Of Bryarius" by Richard Calper; The Calendar; Tape "Vikings Are Landing On Mars" by Richard C. Hoglan in Analog, December 1974, read by Mitch Harding; "Human and Plant Cells Have Been Fused" in Science read by Mike Hodel; Mitch reads Ed Blair letter "More About Dhalgren"; Mike reads Holywood Reporter Alan Shackeltin acquires "The Fantastic Invastion Of Planet Earth" in 3D films read by Mike Hodel; Mike intros the Tape "Extrapilations Of The Next 100 Years" written and read by Mitch Harding; Change of Hobbit Kurts Autograph party update; Hollywood Reporter "Close Encouters Of The Third Kind" read by Mike Hodel; Tape "Scope" the U.N. Radio Magazine, "Tell It To The Stars"; Station I.D.; Brian Deefer "Dhalgran" letter read by Mitch Harding; Tape "The Universe As An Ocean Of Thought" by Timithy Ferris in Harpers Magazine, July 1975, read by Mitch Harding; talk, coming up, send us mail, good night; Tape "The New Television" in Forbes, June, 1 1976, read by Mitch Harding.

  • Time: 11:31 - “Vikings Are Landing On Mars” - by Richard C. Hoglan, read by Mitch Harding.

  • Time: 7:30 - “Scope - Tell It To The Stars” - from the United Nations Radio Magazine.

  • Time: 25:23 - “The New Television” - in Forbs, June 1, 1976, read by Mitch Harding.

  • Time: 27:31 - “The Pico Revira Disaster” by Jerry Bono performed by The Janice Company - August 12, 1976.

Hour 25 - August 14, 1976.
LP: Stan Freberg Why Radio; Intro; coming up; Article “Lord Of The Rings” film by Ralph Bakshi for MGM article read by Mitch Harding; Harlan says “War Wizzards” art was “directly stolen from Vaughn BoDe”; “The Ultimate Warrior” release title of “The Barony”, a Warner Brothers film; ”When Worlds Colide” Paramount and Universal co-project film, Anthony Boucher beat out Harlan Ellison to do the screen play; The Calendar; Harlan describes what will happen during the show - how he will write the story live on the air, ”Bleeding Stones” was the first story Harlan read on Hour 25, it took him 5 hours to write; Book Report by Robert Kursh, ”Science Fiction Writer's Manual” in the August 14, 1976 L.A. Times read by Mike Hodel: definition of ”mantic”; Live ”The Diagnosis Of Dr. D'arque Angel” written and read by Harlan Ellison; the idea for the story, it took 7 hours to write; Station I.D.; phoned in words or phrase; words that caught Harlan's fancy, he picks three items, Harlan starts the manus cript; LIIN Richard dLap: why dLap's F, and S.F., pay reviewers?: HE: the universal library, the address for Delap's F. and S.F.; when magazine break even?, magazine distribution; HE: the equinox, picks “Hitler Painted Roses” for the title; LIIN who writes for the magazine, is this a professional magazine, do you prefer positive or negative reviews, how can you use F. and S.F., LIIN Fred Patton: why magazine got started, who are the reviewers, “Twilight Bryarious”, how reviewers are chosen, HE reads the story beginning, HE needs a portent: takes calls, LIIN magazine's popular features, HE picks new title “Through The Doorway Of Jell”, magazine address, “I feel more like I do now than when I came in”, HE Now who is the story about; SID; Richard Delap is writing a history of S.F. over the last 25 years, news on “Dangerous Visions”, who will review Richard's book on the history of S.F., HE needs historical figures who would go to hell, LIIN reviews tend to be split slightly more favorabl e, who is the audience, current trends, review of “Mote In God's Eye”, John Campbel, HE has been asked to do “Who Goes There” - the actual story not a remake of “The Thing”, “Them”, the Z Channel is rerunning “The Man In The Glass Booth”, “The Three Musketeers” and “The Four Musketeers”, how far from S.F. does the magazine go, reviewing audio readings, Andre NOrton, authors to look out for, HE has his character, he reads what he has now, why Margaret Thrushwood, the difference between an idean and a story, HE needs a town name, does the audience want more Ellison, why Delap's needs more money, how many books do they miss, Laser Books, what does Richard Delap want to do, do they want freelance material, HE reads the second section of the story, developing the plot, Lizzy Bordin, Nero, book “For The Defense” book about William Calley, more plot development, ID, MT says they're in a coffin shaped studio, CU, will magazin cover comic books, we'll take a break; LP Stan Freberg “Folk Songs For The 20th Century Sung 100 Years From Now” Oh That Freeway System, Bobby Baker, Day Took Away My Dinners Club Card, Which Is The Girl Which Is The Boy; ID; the ending of HE's story is known; LIIN why bother reading S.F., first S.F. you read, HE loves “The City Of The Singing Flame” by Clark Ashton Smith, “Pillar Of Fire” by Ray Bradbury, HE has to stop, he reads the next part of the story, the importance of a word, will finish story tomorrow, magazine address, HE tells Michael Moorcock story about Guy Fawks Day, Won Ton (One Ton) restaurant story, HE went to Stonehenge, HE had dinner with Lady Celina Hastings, Larry Adler, and guests, HE tells his college payment story, HE is suing network about “Future Cop”, “Holmes And Yoyo”, HE has been cut off “Dark Destroyer”, “With The Eyes Of A Deamon” HE about TV, why does HE write for TV, how TV is run, TV idea - a family finds a black hole in their backyard, HE on KABC phone call from Western Christian Civilization; PH: Dr. Darq Angel and Greek Eos myth; Fairweather - the real people; Kurt Yout - if I subscribe to the magazine, so poor he doesn't have dead cats. (Tape ends.)

  • Time: 04:25 - “Old Radio programs” - by Stan Freberg.

  • Time: 04:07 - “Michael Moorcock story” told by Harlan Ellison.

  • Time: 04:24 - “Ellison at dinner.” - Harlan Ellison.

  • Time: 00:05 - “I feel more like I do now then when I came in” acording to Mitch Harding.

  • Time: 06:49 - “Folk Songs For Our Time” by Stan Freberg.

Hour 25 - August 21, 1976.
(First 40 minutes missing.) LIIN Ralph Bacshi: animators, how about a showing of "Wizards" to benefit KPFK, what was Ralph trying for visually in Wizards, GS in his late 30's, artists' training, doing art because you love doing it, why no soundtrack for "Coonskin", how did he raise money to make "Fritz The Cat", "Heavy Trafic", how much corporate confusion, "Buffalo Bill" - Altman version vs. DeLarentis version, starting in animation, never thought of quitting, effect on family; ID; GS not a S.F. fan, Fawfered And The Gray Mouser; PH: S.F. gaming; legal issues; MT: ask the GS questions; how will the Hobbits look; where can you get a start in animation, interpritation; how will the subplots be done; never read "Lord Of The Rings", getting into animation; music in the movie, music budgets; animation style, "Sword Of Socery" comic, the "Hobit" LP; calling from a porn theater; legal battle over the Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings; rotoscoping, music suggestion, how long til Rings is done, is GS a tool of fate, EC Comics; Once Upon A Girl movie; Fantastic Planet review, difference between animation and live cost, how to contact GS; "Baron Munchhousin", go for the music, "UFO Target Earth"; how will Disney's work effect Lord Of The Rings, what should a portfolio include, any plans for an animator training school; "Wizard" info, animators working on the film, synthesizer for music; avoid the politics, how to get into Tolkien; how will GS release the films, CU, GN; OR "Protective Mimicry" by Algis Budris on X Minus One.

  • Time: 03:12 - “The Party Call.

  • Time: 01:46 - “The Porn Theater Call.

Hour 25 - August 28, 1976.
Synthisizer music; Intro; MK and JHT, universal rotator; Alimoe postcard - no mens room at the Alimo; MT apologizes for complaining about PHs; CU; HE explains why he put off writing the story until tonight, HE recaps his last appearance on the show, comments on the group mind, "Nightmare" tv series, HE says UFO stuff is bull shit, posible 8 hour tv show of "Days Of The Comet", MK says Space 1999 is worse than "The Starlost" and reads press release, Fred Fryberger, HE talks about "The Starlost", new "Avengers"; LIRE of the first part of "Hitler Painted Roses" WBRB HE; TC; MK will be on Jerry Hendigus's KCRW OR show; HE SF68 "Wanted In Surgery"; Edie Amine assasination attempt; LIIN Richard Delap and Fred Patton: what is Delap's F. and S.F., got enough subs to increase magazines pages, the address, artist Roger Dean, HE is doing a book with Roger Dean, Richard Delap's piece on HE, viseral is a one word review of HE, "Deathbird Stories" is out in paperback, HE 4 novels, Rumble, The Man Wi th Nine Lives, Memos From Purgetory, Rockabilly, working on Reef and The Prince Of Sleep, novels are thought of as greater than short stories, story behind Shrikes how to write a best seller, HE doesn't write under pen names except for the very early days, HE wrote some porn sort of, HE created Nightstand Books, HE came up with story ideas, "Sex Gang", D. S. Merchant (Dirty Smut Merchant), HE on Tom Snyder's show, Tom Snyder bleep story, what Tom Snyder is like; ID; HE listened to Bacshi IN, 2 LP set I Love A Mystery "Cave Of The Vampires"; LIIN how many books reviewed in Delap's, not going to cover films, what is the state of S.F. criticism, looking for fan reviews, what happens when you disagree with a review, Alan Rothstien brought HE a copy of Deathbird Stories, definition of marivaudage, Robert Heinlein, William Kotzwinkle, how Deathbird Stories came about, how HE became an athiest, RV of HE, HE says "Best Fantasy Stories Of The Year" is a discrace, HE likes "Frights", "Cold Hand In Mine"; LIRE heaven excerpt from story; what kind of reviews come into the magazine, Samual Delaney, what books does Delap's cover, mariage is effecting HE's legs; Delap's subscrition info; PH: "The Illuminatis Trilogy", John Dillenger, Cordwainer Bird, HE describes the caller, positive testimonial for Delap's F. and S.F., Gilly flowers, HE and TV criticism, does Delap's RV S.F. magazines, Dancers At The End Of Time, The End Of All Songs; CU; Star Wars; ID; Aniara description REMK. (tape ends.)

Hour 25 - September 4, 1976.
Music? Intro; TA Viking 2 landing, Mars orbiter; David Clous, his report from JPL; Film of the month club showing Solaris; TC; recap of past shows; LIRE "Hitler Painted Roses" WBRB HE; comments on the story, how HE came to the plot; they're not showing the Mars pictures; PH: enjoyed but maddened, story was very depressing, HE hell of a performer, HE acts out stories as he writes them, why Downeyville, liked hearing the creative process, woth the weight, how much postge to get manuscript, whe the cardboard box, simplicity of HE's stories, female point of view, house is two houses HE new as a kid, heaven is a dull place, how can HE always deal with such intensity, HE great reader, butcher block is popular, HE's reading at two dollar bills, "For We Are A Jelous People" has a simillar feeling, Lester Del Ray was a lay minister; ID; get a signed photo capy of the story, liked the description of heaven, HE was rude to the caller earlier, where is two dollar bills located, why Hitler stasys in hell, HE has left Pyramid Books, Ellison junkies, HE's Alternate Worlds LP reading has sold out, Roy and Shelly Torginson, other LP reading, Kademan is doing some fantsay and S.F. readings including J. R. R. Tolkien, HE reviewed Clarke, Shatner, and Nimoy readings, The Project presents Edgar Allan Poe's "Tales Of Myster And Imagination" - a rock interpretation, Alternate Worlds is not for broadcast; how the auction will work, starting at $25, mom's matzameal pancakes, HE adds the original sheet of notes, Lary Dalton wins the bid, HE will try to sell it to Esquire, Dr. D'arque Angel sold to Penthouse, Lonely Women Are The Vessels Of Time has sold to National Screw, F and SF took Working With The Little People, thank you HE, Gavin Claypool knows 1978 World Con will be in Phoenix, people have to wear a plastic tag which is $50 to replace, Jerry Pournell tells the Heinlein reception for blood donators about the Mars landing, HE plays a joke - he's asked 14 people to accept the aw ard if he wins, Fritz Leiber and awards, CU; TAIN David Cloud interviews Clyde Tombah, the Viking 2 landing on Mars, Jim Martin - what happened during the landing, Tom Young, audience questions, Carl Sagan - how was second site chosen, evidence for or against life on Mars, Sep 3, 1976 - Theodore Sturgeon, peak experiences, less people this landing, the walls are covered with Mars photos, reactions to the landing, stories vs. tracts; BH outros show, no Viking news.

Hour 25 - September 11, 1976.
Intro; MK adn JHT: CU; Joke- light trafic on Sunday; PH-Gavin Claypool: about World Con: Hugo awards, Nebula awards, Heinlein's speech; panel: life in space, L5 Society, NASA's PR mistake; more of the Hugo's; new Grey Mouser novel; The Silmarillian; the parties; the 1977 and 1978 cons; other comments on this con; closed circut tv of con; MKRE article on shutle's Star Trek name; MKRE LA Time: Bring Back Star Trek, motion picture article; TC; MK and TH on KCRW OR show; MTRE AR: Costa-gavris MV about nuclear plant; Stanislaw Lem - MV Solaris RV by MK, TH, and JHT; PH: RV Solaris; ID; more PH on Solaris; JHT about The Star Wars; GN; OR "There Will Come Soft Rains" by Ray Bradbury on X Minus One; outro.

  • Time: 00:55 - “The new kind of joke” - Mitch Harding.

Hour 25 - September 18, 1976.
Intro; CU; MK went to HE reading at $2 bills; The Fantasy Convention; The Congres Of International Astronautical Federations; The Martian Chronicals at the Studio Theatre Playhouse in April 1977; CU; "Guhnarfed" is the Swahili word for rotted bat blood; MT LIRE Don Loe LT about Hugo winners, PH GM answers the LT: Marc Clifton; Clifton, Ryle, and Apostolites, Gavin Claypool has Hugo list, "This Imortal"; MK LIRE Peter Winkler LT; MK LIRE 1974 anthology "Space Opera" edited by Brian Aldis: "Zim Left Unguarded, The Jengick Palace In Flames, John Westerly Dead" by Robert Sheckley; TC; MT LIRE "A Socio-economic Profile of an SF Convention" by Albert I. Burger, last page and a half; CU; who is Barbara Spark; PH: Sequals- Stimulous by Andrew Salmond, Alan Nelson, Paulene Ashwell; Kurt Yout- NLS censorship, Riverworld trilogy, The Continuum, Solaris material was boring, Host Planet Earth, Janice Co. War Of The Worlds in October; Peter Winkler: The Man Who Fell To Earth, Biography of Lovecraft by L. Sprag deCamp, Dancers At The End Of Time; why do people hate Van Daniken; Bob Feori- Von Daniken, Kurt Vonnegut, the article on SF fans, Roger Elwood, Michael Moorcock; ID; the electronics show downtown, microprocessors; A Boy And His Dog in what collection; Paulene Ashwell and Winston P. Sonders are Poole Anderson, 2001 will be on TV, reason 2001 didn't get Academy Award for make up because people didn't know it was make up, "A Boy And His Dog" is in "The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The Word", memorial for Chairman Mao toady; CU; 2 minutes of silence; TARE "Spaceshoes Of The Gods" by John Sladek in F and SF, November 1974, REMT; TAIN Ronald Story author of "The Space Gods Revealed": why the book, why Von Danien writes his books, debating Von Danekin, 34 million Von Danekin books, 1/4 of a million books after the Von Danekin TV special, landing fields, Thor Heyerdahl and Easter Island, why is this information not better known, Von Danekin's theories about Easter Islan d, how the pyramids were built, the Bible, how dangerous is all this, Von Danekin doesn't like the Cathlic Church, "Gold Of The Gods", Ronald Story's background, why write the book, reaction to the book, science popularizers; MK talks about the tape length being short, CU, MK asks for LTs from listeners, what is the background sound, TY.

  • Time: 00:10 - “The Swahili word for rotted bat blood.

Hour 25 - September 25, 1976.
Intro; MK REAR 30 foot balloon to study Venus; MK RELT Borris Carlof; LT Peter Martin about Ed Bryant; LIIN Ed Bryant: Lynx, Ed Cooky Burns, critiquing a story on the air, publishing your own books over the air; TC; LIIN Ed Bryant: Cinnabar, censorship story - watercress ice, Vermillian Sands, what Cinnabar is, writing Lynx SF sex story, what are you working on; anthology - Entropy 1, 2076 The American Tricentenial; discovered any new writers, hopefully, quality of writers in"Tricentenial", story "Aztecs" rejection, "Entropy 1" press sheet, "The Haunted Football Team", read every page of the submitted stories, rejecting stories, Elizabeth Lyn, the editor's role, editing affecting writing, HE shows up with doghnuts, anything besides Cinnabar; ID; "Billy And The Seal Hunters", the deer in New Zeland, "Shark", what's your room 101, RV of "Among The Dead" XC, the future of SF, Space 1999, gay SF, SF trends; MT Ron Cobb and Star Wars bar scene, how Star Wars came about; RV of Cinnabar in De nver Post, Mitchner's "Centenial"; MT about killing Sharks, admire sharks, sleeping sharks; CU; PH: writing about Colorado, regional SF writer, HE; Phoenix Without Ashes, how did the book sell; what really turns you on; homosexual stories; is it time for another Dangerous Visions, Quark; who is in "American Tricentenial"; TY, "Michael Mass" Algesbudris, "The Best Of Orbit 1 to 10", CU GN; TAPHIN Fred Pohl: "Science Fiction Discoveries", why the book, manuscript quality, how did your likes and dislikes differ, new Sheckley story, describe "Error Hurled", why do a husband and wife editing job, resubmitting stories, the short story a week story, coming up in Bantam, how are books selling, is "SF Discoveries" the first of a series, how long to read manuscripts, learned anything new fromthis anthology, any common thread, TY.

Hour 25 - October 1, 1976.
Intro; MK announces new Hour 25 show time, it will start at 10:00, on October 10:00 to 2:00, after that 10:00 to 12:00; CU; MKREAR "Space Sprous Sapling Sprout" in The Christian Science Monitor; MKRE "Logan's Run College Study class"; Man From Atlantas pilot finalized; New Star Trek series; MTRV "Shadrack And The Furnace" by Robert Silverberg, a grand book; MK mentions KPFK 6th International Folk Festival, Pete Seiger; "Being With Bucky" event; TC; LIIN Al Berger: intro guest, subject Space The Final Frontier?, different frontiers, barbarian societies virtues, expansion, imperial anti-colonialism, why are we going into space, SF predicting future technology, Bary Molsberg about astronauts, aliens and us as the indians, "The Big Eye" "Cave Of NIght", non whites and who's human 16th century, first contact in space America vs. Comunism, frontier as escape valve, reason for the space program, the space shutle, justifying space exploration, pure research; ID; diplomacy and SF, the Star Chil d in 2001, BK version of 2001, SF and organizing society, Dhalgren, decadence, what affects you directly vs. not directly, "Return To Earth", "The Technological Order", Barry Commener BKs; PH: 2001, evolving the Star Child, human values and E.T.s; Commentary magazine, theocify, L. Ron Hubbard, finding alternatives to current society, manipulating attention; India as seen from Cuba; reasons for the space program, government patronage; TYGS, CU, GN; OR "Mars Is Heavan" by Ray Bradbury on Escape,

Hour 25 - October 8, 1976.
Intro; Pitching: MV- "Network", Film Of The Month Earth, LP- "Plantasia" for you plants, name for MT terantula; OR "The Little Man Who Wasn't There" Exporing Tomorrow with John Campbel; PT; ID; MT names his turantula Lenolium; "Hitler Painted Roses" sold for $1,500; made the matching fund, TY; LIIN Marta Randle: why SF, quality or writing, "Islands", how and why GS writes, is "Islands" done, MTREXC, were you thinking screen play when you wrote the book, "Islands" was her first book, easier to manipulate characters you create, use of slang, how do you learn craft, writing style, who do you write for, writing style; ID; writing when you're a woman, what's your room 101, editors, SF conventions, SF fans and community; TC; PH: what do you doyou do when you're sick of writing, labeling books as SF, hardback vs. paperbacks and reviewing, first review; Bill Hayes- name terantula BEM, Mexican terantula, GS is not a scientist, ID, "A City In The North", Analog has an article on UFOs, France; why did MT start with a terantula; Fairweather- why not write about the present; name terantula Fred C. Dobs, "Martian Time Slip" being rereleased, dirty words; ID; Bill Hayes- Lubber is a sailing ship; MK explains The Group Mind, Buck Rogers first name is Anthony, queston for GMind, is writing lonely; can anyone find the technical design for the "Silent Running" drones, contacting Douglas Trumble; possible answer to GMind question; learning the craft of writing; the care and feeding of a terantula and bite info; TY; GN; OR "Dreams" Exporing Tomorrow with John Campbel Jr.; OR "The Martian Queen" Exporing Tomorrow with John Campbel; TAIN David Cloud and Steven Kilston IN Fred Hoyle: the cost of doing experiments, posible breakthroughs, evolutions vs. revolution, the sun and nutrenos, math, making the public more comfortable with science, public education, educating children, the brain, "The Developement Of Intelegence In The Universe", life in our solar system, 1940 paper on molecules in space made into a story, why write in the SF form, science stifling inovation, science journal publishing, scientist egos and their theories, funding experiments, the drive to understand, TY.

Hour 25 - October 15, 1976.
Pitching; Will Lewis rate the debate - President and Vice President- voter statistics; Public Works "Jimmy Carter"; CU; GN; Song "Election Year Rag"; Intro; CU; PT; PE; Lenolium is not here tonight, barely made the matching fund; TAPD: The HIght Frontier- Gerard O'Neil view of space colonization and some responses, Closing song "Have You Seen The Stars Tonight?"; LIRE LA Times " The Space Shot As A Shame" by Scott Kilday about "Capricorn One" RB MK; TC; LIRE "The Final Of Finals" by The Louisina Tech Engeneer RBMT; LIRE "Worlds Enought" by Don Thompson in "Beyond Time" RBMK; LIREAR "SF Fandom - LASFS" by Mike Farcash in Friday October 15 Valley News RBMT; PT; ID; PT; TARE "I'm Looking For KadaK" WBRB Harlan Ellison; PT; MT; ID; LIRE "Hail To The Chief" by Lucy Cores in "Beyond Time" edited by Sandra Ley RBMK; OR "End As A World" by F. L. Wallace X Minus One.

Hour 25 - October 22, 1976.
Intro; CU; FandSF Contest- What's The Question Joke; MT is off mike; TC; Algal Magazine, TY, PT; PE; auction of autographed "An Index Of Possibilties"; ID; TARE "Love Is An Imaginary Number" WBRB Roger Zelazny; ID; LIIN Robert Silverberg: MKRE "Post Script 1975", how does it feel to be an X writer, "Shadrack And The Furnace" manuscrpt, have you gotten out of SF what you put into it, getting recognition, feeling alienated from his audience, BK "Epic", new writers, John Varley, Greg Bear, Don Jeffers, how has the field changed, what's wrong with the field, writing has become irrelivant, spend a lot of time outdoors, plants for food, man's footprint on nature, most interesting and worthwhile BKs, ancestors, the world inside and outside SF, Cactis growers, like talking about SF, what would you have done if not what your life has been, work habits, Watts, what is your room 101, coping, H. F. Kitto "Greek Tragedy", advice to writers, awards, are you compettative, not much of a game player; I D; Silver-Bob, names, Harlan Ellison, tomorrow's event, any screen plays, Star Trek movie involvment; PH: "Tower Of Glass", interested in movie projects of his BKs, publishing, chances of return, writer's block, Bob Feori- why present tense, "Son Of Man", Spider Robinson, SF criticism, transit cult; "Beoming A Writer" Dorthia Brandy, how to write, being a writer, Clarian, Milferd, stories about "Going Donw Smooth", tomorrow; TARE "Going Donw Smooth" by Robert Silverberg RBMT; GN; OR "The Handwriting On The Computer" Exploring Tomorrow; OR "First Contact" Exploring Tomorrow; OR "Convict" Exploring Tomorrow;

Hour 25 - October 29, 1976.
News story about the Swine Flu vacination; Intro; Lori Garet did an excellent science report, CU, 10:00 to 2:00 New Years Eve "Riders Of The Purple Wage", next week will be 10:00 to mid night, congradulation Catherine Kalkin, matching fund, PE, PT; TC; TY; CU; Julian is a problem- dismantles things; BH note, KPFK not off the air; TAPD "The War Of The Worlds" by H. G. Wells adapted for radio by Jan and Mallory Gellor: a 5 part series.

Hour 25 - November 5, 1976.
Intro; Imperial Earth, Clarke is looking for God, CU, Kathrine Calkin is working at KUSC, CU; TC; MTRELI LT from Bonny June Moon; PT, PM; MTLIRE "Spaceship Earth" from Captain Kirk in New Internationalist and Architecural Design; TY to donors; MKRELI "Future TV - C-Fax, Oracle, ViewData" by Robert Prinsky in Wall Street Journal; PM, PT; transmitter went out.

Hour 25 - November 12, 1976.
BH, Intro; CU; MT interegnum and other pronouncations, what kind of person would be like Jesus, Verner Hertsaug, Grass exhibit at County Museum; TC; LIIN Jack Vance: Barry Molsberg about Jack Vance; why do the show, why so little publicity, author recognition, what does he think of the field, what is success, SF and money, Lyn Carter, mystery vs SF moneywise, SF audience and TV audience is different, definition of SF, SF as mainstream, using SF as a vehicle, peace and freedom, why started writing SF, doesn't enjoy peotry, what writers do you pay attention to, alternate universe stories, "Time And Again", current work; ID; how do you write, plots, Magnis Rudolf, the purpose of writing, traditions; PH: Fairweather; traditionalism; "To Live Forever", preindustrail type stories; Demon Princes; non conformists, choices; Kugole, Quest For Symbles, descriptions of characters eating; any continuity problems, what is your room 101, favorite parts of the world, "The Dying Earth", writing books- at sea, in prison, why you don't read SF, how are your stories changing, what do you do when tired of writing, writer's block, Hour 25 show hours, written some mysteries, more money in SF than mysteries, editors, other writers, family, what if you hadn't been a writer, other writers; TYGS, CU, GN.

Hour 25 - November 19, 1976.
Intro, no earthquake predition, Roling Thunder interview by Roy Tuckman, "Riverworld" stories, CU, Fully dressed and in his right mind - 20's expression, Hogarth 2nd Tarzan paperback; TC; discuss "Karry" movie; TAIN Ray Bradbury by Jerry Hendigas and Mike Hodel: intro, Ray is working with Norman Corwin, doing new radio, listening to radio as a child, radio changed my life, radio station story, the Declaration of Independance choral reading secular mass, what's in Ray's room 101, love bookstores because of the smells, listen to you gut, "Something Wicked This Way Comes", "The Halloween Tree", "Dark Carnavel", "Great Gatsbee", how "Something Wicked" got going as a movie, who would Ray cast, "Martian Chronicles" movie info, his work in the theater, NBC and a mini series, "Illistrated Man" movie was dreadful, current movies say evil triumphs - it doesn't, LBJ was Lucifer #1, Nixon was #2, why the delay publishing the current book, poetry in the "martian Chronicles", how did the Chronicles come to be, "Night Meeting", "Long After Midnight", stories about authors and libraries, Ray's definition of SF, BHID; OR Dimension X, June 17, 1950 "There Will Come Soft Rains" and "Zero Hour" by Ray Bradbury; the Korean War began on June 17, what Ray thought of these productions, liked how the stories were done on radio, Ray is a writer of magic realism more than SF, TY.

Hour 25 - November 26, 1976.
Intro, CU, group mind ideas for a Hour 25 SF day; MKREAR Rodenbery making "Spector" for NBC; KPFK addresses, MTREAR Scentists faking findings; CU; "God Told Me To" has SF overtones; MKREAR Series 10 robot, robots for industry in S.F. Chronicle; TC; "Anti Matter Storage And Transfer" - actual proposal MT reads; MT redoes his announcement with sound effects; PH: Fairweather, Star Trek; 1880's most advanced horse shoe appeared along with the automobile, J. G. Ballard, other authors; wish list for Hour 25; Scientist fake finding; David Gerold and Douglas Trumble planning an entertainment event; Equicon 77 canceled because of 3 pro cons, SF Expo; Anne McAfrey, OR of Green HIls of Earth; Anne Mari Fornyea; Anti matter research proposal, storing anti matter; Bob Feori, The Man In The White Suit on TV 28, Ubick reissue, live SF radio, mass review of Imperial Earth, new Balentine line, Issac Asimov's SF Magazine; ID; PH: do readings, get an interviews; BBC new radio; Star Wars book; CU, GN; TAPD "The Bride Of Esp" written and produced by Jim Armstong.

Hour 25 - December 3, 1976.
Intro, yes, Joe Adams is on tape, GS is Theodore Sturgeon, Fashing, CU, BK "The Futuralogical Congress", Stanislaw Lem, Theodore Sturgeon, most read writer is Stanislaw Lem, MTRE XC, other writers, BK "Hard To Be A God", BK "Roadside Picnic", CU; TC; LIIN: Jaqualin Lichtenberg-horror fiction vs. science fiction, ST Concordance just published, B Joe Trimble, what is GS upto, Roling Stone AR about GS, nude photo of GS, in Europe trip, car exposion story, possible movie deal, Paris, London, Epping Forest, is SF changing - trends, examining reality, Anne McCafrey; ID; her house, Naomi Michison, Evangaleen Walton, Thea Alexander, BK 2150 AD, wine story; PH: "Baby Is Three" recording, "The Sky Is Full Of Ships" OR broadcast story, publishing older stories anthology; Bill Hayes, GS afterward in "Dangerous Visions", launch from Cape Kenedy story, inbreeding, Ursula Laguin, "The Billion Days Of Earth" BK, "The Disposessed" BK; "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" BK; A possible one day Hour 25 conv tion-send in ideas, GS tells "Saucer Of Loneliness" story about one line change "She was beautiful" removed at author's insistance, GS wanted Mamma Cass to act in "Saucer Of Loneliness", CU; OR "Saucer Of Loneliness" by Theordore Sturgeon on X Minus One.

  • Time: 1:20 - “A Perfectly Marvelous Character” - Theodore Sturgeon describes meeting Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

Hour 25 - December 10, 1976.

Hour 25 - December 17, 1976.
Intro, coming up; TC; TARE "A View From The Bridge" by Ed Nayha in the December 1976 Crawdady Magazine RBMK; ID; LIIN B Joe Trimble: comments on the AR, space shutle name, Pres. Ford served on the Enterprise, conventions- Equicon was canceled, other conventions using Equicon's name; PH: Sam Frank- didn't like films at Equicon; Congress of Wonders, Star Trek take offs; Equicon and FilmCon canceled, hastle doing cons; Shatner doesn't have to come back, different person, Outer Limits, SF of the world; Fairweather- set desing; Rick and canceled con, Space Con 3; Anne Mari- not a B Joe hatter, how has B Joe held up so long; Star Drek, letter campaign to reinstate the space program, parsecs, left out librarians joke; MK-Computer-Enterprise- book description; likes what B Joe did for Trek; Questor and Genisis 2 are dead, Specter is being filmed in England, Questar- in concordance; Janice Jacobson liked Equicon, pro cons are terrible, why B Joe stopped putting on Cons; how B Joe finished the C oncordance, MK gave B Joe "How To Organize And Run A Film Society", help B Joe with final report; P. O. Box 23127 90023, difference between B Joes original Concordance vs. Balentine issue, Ticketron oversold N.Y. convention; why can't they stick with the old cast vs. new people, MK opinion of Star Trek; MK idea for Star Trek; Ed- so what crew has aged, people lining up to be guest stars in movie; Star Trek bloopers; Dorothy Jones who thought up Star Trek Concordance, what is B Joe working on now, TY, CU, GN.

Hour 25 - December 24, 1976.
Not recorded. (Cable went out.)

Hour 25 - December 31, 1976.
Intro; TAPD "Riders Of The Purple Wage" by Philip Jose Farmer; OR "Double Dare" by Robert Silverberg on X Minus One.

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