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Hour 25
January to June, 1976.

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Hour 25 - January 3, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. Hour 25 is starting it's 5th year. The Calendar. Live - Dr. David Samuelson interview by Mike Hodel, Mitch Harding, and Katherine Calkin, about his course "Beyond This Horizon." Station ID. Phones. Coming up. Good night. Tape - "The Star" by Arthur C. Clarke read by Mitch Harding.

Hour 25 - January 10, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. The Calendar. Next week. KPFK Language disclaimer. Tape - "10 Tuesdays Down A Rabit Hole" hosted by Harlan Ellison with Edward Bryant, Jack Dann, Gardner Dozois, Lisa Tuttle, George Alec Effenger, Vonda N Mcintyre.

Hour 25 - January 17, 1976.
Intro. Live - "The Kurzweil Reader Unvailing" from the L.A. Times read by Mitch. Coming up. The Calendar. Live - Dr. James Cooke Brown interview by Mitch Harding about Loglan. Music break. Phones. Good night and outro.

Hour 25 - January 24, 1976.
Music. Intro. Coming up. The Calendar. Triton. Tape - 10 Tuesdays Down A Rabit Hole, "SF, Peculiar Inputs," hosted by Harlan Ellison. The panel members are Robert Bloch, Roy Thomas, Terry Car, Dennis O'Neil, Philip Jose Farmer.

Hour 25 - January 31, 1976.
Intro. Mitch says Hour 25 discontinued. Coming up. The Calendar. Talk. Star Trek Convention report item read by Mike. Si-Fic. Hobbit's 4th birthday. Live - "Letter From The Year 2000" by Guillermo Cabrera Infante in Vision read by Mike. Live - "Lake Erie Town Looks Ahead With UFO Port" read by Mitch. Letter - R Feori read by Mike. "The Astronimer's Dream" mention. Phones. Live - Annual Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films SF Awards read by Mitch. Phones. Mike reads Triton's table of contents. Phones. Good night. Tape - "A Book of Poetic Verse, The Poetic Relations of Science and Technology" edited by W. Eastwood excerpts read by Mitch Harding. Burt intro. Tape - "Neutron Star" by Larry Niven read by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - February 7, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. The Calendar. Live - "Lonesome George" in L.A. Times read by Mike. Live - "Project Knowledge 2000" by William H. Stringer read by Mike. Book recommendations. Live - "FTA" by George R. R. Martin read by Mike Hodel. Phones. (First mention of starting the archive.) Live - "The Exit To San Breta" by George R. R. Martin read by Mike Hodel. OTR - "Earth Abides" part 1 - Escape.

  • Time: 3:03 - The Archives - Eric Foss calls in to start the Hour 25 Archive.

Hour 25 - February 14, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. Live - "The Clueist In Test" by Kate Wilhelm review by Margo Jefferson Newsweek 02/09 read by Mitch. The Calendar. Tape - "Speed of the Cheetah, Roar of the Lion" by Harry Harrison in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1975, read by Mitch Harding. Live - Michel Bendix interview by Mike and Mitch about Cetaceans, The Human Dolphin Foundation. Phones. Coming up. OTR - "Earth Abides" part 2 - Escape.

Hour 25 - February 21, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. The Calendar. (Julian mentioned during calendar.) LASFS in 1949. Live - "MadHatten Project" by Alan Hershey read by Mike. Mitch and Mike review "Triton." Phone callers review "Triton." Mention of Kraith. OTR - "Watch Bird" by Robert Sheckley on SF 68.

Hour 25 - February 28, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. Live - "Feghoot 69" by Grendel Briarton read by Mike. The Calendar. Talk. Live - "Feghoot 43" by Grendel Briarton read by Mike. FandSF title contest. Frank Herbert live on April 23 on the show. Live - "Feghoot 81" by Grendel Briarton read by Mike. March FandSF Dhalgren information correction. Letter - Dean Day on Dhalgren and Triton read by Mitch. Julian mentioned. Watching Ellison writing in Change of Hobbit's window. March 15 or 16 Ellison on The Tomorrow Show. "We Who Are About To" mentioned. Live - "Feghoot " by Grendel Briarton read by Mike. Live - "The Giant Spider Invasion" review by Linda Gross read by Mike. Live - Spider Robinson in Galaxy Feb. 1976 read by Mitch. "The Riverworld Stories" discussed. Coming up. Linda Straun mentioned. Next. Good night. Tape - "The Ballentine Science Fiction Hour - Man, Earth, The Universe, Tomorrow, What's In Store" with Lester Del Ray, Fred Pohl, Alan Dean Foster, Leigh Brackett, and Larry Niven.

  • Time: 0:24 - “Feghoot 69” - read by Mike Hodel.

  • Time: 02:26 - “Feghoot 43” - with thanks to H. Orlo Hoadley read by Mike Hodel.

  • Time: 1:28 - “Feghoot 81” - with thanks to Grendal Briarton read by Mike Hodel.

  • Time: 2:07 - “Feghoot” - read by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - March 6, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. New magazine - "Odesey." Mike reads a letter from L. Fag Hut. The Calendar. Coming up. Mike reads Robert Silverberg's review of "The Computer Connection" by Alfred Bester. Mitch reads the intro to the Penthouse article. Mike and Mitch read an interview of Gene Roddenberry in Penthouse, March 1976. ID. Mitch has info on Hugo Gernsback - ungo greaseback. Coming up. Good night. Tape - Anne MccAffrey interview by Mike Hodel.

  • Time: 40:57 - Geen Roddenberry interview excerpt - in 1976 Penthouse Read by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding.

Hour 25 - March 13, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. The Calendar. Live - Lewis G. Fields and Dr. Jerry Silver interviewed by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding: Who founded the Southern California Computer Society, computer hobbyists, the Society's membership, what the Society does, computer prices, from vacum tubes to micro processors, computer speech, Intel's 8080 is now $30, Ward Spannial, now the club president. computers for games, writing stories, programing computers to write stories, Radar Range, Singer sowing machine, car micro computers, is technology the enemy, society and computers, the Society's membership is hobbyist and professional, computer optimizing your environment, the Star Trek game, how often do computers malfunction, computers and medicine, dependency on technology, who chooses the technology, ID, John Witney - computer generated films, slit camera, how to join The Society, chapters of the Society, who would want to join, automating the marathon, stress evaluator, loosing our older skills, difference in generations reaction to computers, decimal vs. binary. Thank you. Good night. KPFK disclaimer. OTR - "Wanted In Surgery" by Harlan Ellison, SF68. Outro, Jay Lacey.

Hour 25 - March 20, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. April F&SF 1976 writing SF. Live - Letter, buzz word generator. Live - Letter, R. Fiori on Dhalgren read by Mitch. Live - "Tunnel Vision" review by Mike. The Calendar. Live - David Gerold and Richard Allen Lupoff interviewed by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding; David Gerold - SFWA Nebula Awards, tickets, who will be attending the Nebula Awards, KPFK is getting a delay system. Richard Allen Lupoff; "A Crack In The Sky" title change from "Fools Hill" story, E. Hoffmann Price, "With The Bentfin Boomer Boys on Little Old New Alabama," Ellison, "After The Dream Time," "Sail The Tide Of Morning," "The Benfin Boomer Girl Comes Through," "Future Corruption," "Eppoc," Vertex magazine, Weird Heros, Ted White, 50th anniversary issue of Amazing Stories, Odesey magazine, Roger Elwood, "No Alabama Blues," Lupoff's first novel started in 1966-67 - "One Million Centuries," Writing styles, "The Triune Man," Charles Plat at Avon Books, George Ernsberger at Berkley Books, The story line, Vincent DeFate, how cover artists work, how publishers treat science fiction, Mike outros the recording for Wednesday, is Lupoff leaving S.F., the artistic side of S.F., what S.F. sells best, Phones: author's future writing plans, S.F. criticsm, author's only good stuf are stories of character, what can guest do in S.F. that he can't do elsewhere, J. G. Ballard, "The Concrete Island", quality of writing, Brunner, Ursula Leguin. Thank you. Coming up. OTR - "The Little Man Who Wasn't There" - Exploring Tomorrow.

Hour 25 - March 27, 1976.
(Cross-talk throughout.) Intro. The Universal Rotator. Mitch reads a letter from Vincent Edwards - what about Jack Vance? less open phones. Mitch reads excerpt, "Missing Man" by Katherine McClain - technology as a form of autism. Coming up. The Calendar. Guest intro "Challange In Horror," Live interview - B. Joe Trimble and Martin Lavita by Mike Hodel and MItch Harding; Equicon and FilmCon, the Star Trek Concordance, Star Trek fans saving the show, Salvin School, outro tape; phones. Thank yous. Coming up. Tape "The Sentinel" by Arthur C. Clarke read by Mitch Harding.

  • Time: 03:11 - “Missing Man” - by Kathrine McClain excerpt read by Mitch Harding.

Hour 25 - April 3, 1976.
(Cross-talk throughout.) Intro. Old Radio - "Project Trojan". "Marathon" promo by Mike. Pitching, matching fund, (missing the last 30 minutes of the broadcast.)

Hour 25 - April 10, 1976.

Hour 25 - April 17, 1976.

Hour 25 - April 24, 1976.

Hour 25 - May 1, 1976.
(Missing first 100 minutes of the show.) Tape - The Balintine Science Fiction Hour, last 23 minutes.

Hour 25 - May 8, 1976.
Intro. Mike and Mitch only. Dune movie not happening. Coming up. The Calendar. Live Interview - Steve Golden and Kathlene Sky by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding; make a living with SF only, Doc Smith books Steve is doing, keeping snakes, pets, how SF, Roger Elwood, "Daisy Chain For Path"?, expectations, the "New Wave", the guests' backgrounds, writing Doc Smit novels, royalties, how do you sell to Lazer Books, "Blake's Progress," Equicon, the S.C.A., Phones: the "Subspace" series, "The Shockwave Rider", Equicon cut off, no question for the guests, Bill - has Shery Gotleebe cooled off about book numbers missing authors, recommended Lazer Books, S. Skybolt, David Gerold's anthology, Kathlene's Asimov story. Coming up. Thank yous. Tape - "Road Show" written, produced, and directed by Jan and Mallory Geller. Cast: Jerry Bono as Alan, Mike Hodel as Gregory, Jan Geller as Genie, and Mallory Geller as the Clown, Live Engineering by Jay Lacey, Live sound effect by Mallory Geller, Circus music mastering by Jan Rudolfy Geller.

Hour 25 - May 15, 1976.
Intro. Richard Cornewel quote about society and disorderly behavior; coming up. Mitch reports on "Star Beast". Newsline in Phsycology Today, December 1975 about burglers. The Calendar. Mike reads Philip Jose Farmer letter. King Kong movie. Mitch reads Peter Winkler's letter rebuttle to R. Fiori's letter. Mike reads "Triton" reveiw by Don Visha, S.F. Review 17. Phone - R. Feori responds. Tape - "The Mouth Is For Eating" by William F. Ore in Orbit 13 read by Mitch Harding. Live - A Computer Psychiatrist read by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding. Mike reads Variety's review of "The Man Who Fell To Earth." Coming up. Mitch gives "Star Beast" update. Coming up: mass review of "Shockwave Rider" coming up on June 5. Tape: "Ballantine Science Fiction Hour" with Larry Niven, Alan Dean Foster. Burt's outro. sign off.

Hour 25 - May 22, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. Live - "Lost In The Stars" by Richard Rhodes in Playboy read by Mitch Harding. The Calendar. Tape - Roy P. Mackle interview by Mike Hodel about "The Monster Of Loch Ness." Live - interview continues: phones. Good night. LP - "Encounter Near Venus" composed by George Russel, story by Leonard Wibberley, choreography by Lela Zale, percussion created by Victor Feldman.

Hour 25 - May 29, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. Carter saw a UFO. The Calendar. Live - Terry Car interview by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding: "Universe 6," choosing what to publish, phones, more interview. Coming up. Thank yous. OTR - "The Trap" by Fin O'Donavin, X Minus 1.

Hour 25 - June 5, 1976.
(Harmonic distortion throughout.) Intro. Mitch's move. Coming up. Nixon's love letter. Daily Variety - "Queen Kong" and "Super Ape," "Logan's Run," "Embryo." Symposium - "Three Voyages Into Space" on June 27. Viking Lander Photo Contest. The Calendar. The Group Mind mass review of "The Shockwave Rider" by John Brunner. OTR - "The Roads Must Role" by Robert Heinlein, Dimension X.

Hour 25 - June 12, 1976.
Intro. Mitch reads "A Random Walk In Science" excerpt. Mike reads "The Food of the Gods" review in Variety. Mike reads "Mighty Man" comic book review. Coming up. Mike reads "King Kong" review in Weekly Variety. Mitch reads Jason Subold letter on the lack of science in science fiction. The Calendar. "Embryo" movie. Events coming up. Mike reads Peter Winkler letter, (We read this already.) Mitch reads D. Day letter about Mars crater names. Mike reads Bill Hunt letter about Delany and more. Mitch intro, Tape - "Black Sun" by Dennis Etchison in Orbit 13, read by Mitch Harding. Live - "A Charmed Atomic Discovery" in SF Chronicle read by Mike. Live - "Why We Must Go To The Moon" by Charles G. Terny from "A Rondom Walk In Science" read by Mitch. Coming up. Neandertal burried with flowers. Comercials. Groove Tube and Tunnel Vision. Outro. OTR - "Almost Human" by Robert Bloch, Dimension X.

Hour 25 - June 19, 1976.
Intro. Coming up. Mitch reads Dennis Echison letter about "Black Sun." "Logan's Run" review read by Mike. The Calendar. Live interview - Don Rico by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding: describe comics, resume, how he got into comics, characters drawn by Don, Micky Starlight, comics and the war, Jack Kurby, limits on the work, oreintation sheets about characters, artist Mat Clark, after the war, Stan Lee, characters with personal problems, character dialogue, artist vs. committe, how comics are created, why Don left the business, didn't get to keep his art work, how's the field changed, underground magazines, Harvey Kurtsman, Captain Sticky comic, Howard The Duck, what did artists listen to at home, illustrated novels, how do you get in the field now, George Bridgeman, Don's first job, women in comics, SF writers in comics; Phones: women artists, Fairweather - contact captain sticky, kore figures, Don's class, all-rounders, poetry comic novels, doing famous poetry as comics, classics illustrated, Bob Drayer: his stores, Don's first convention, Fredrick Wortham, the comics code, E.C. Comics, self censorship, comic fans, collector's publications, Bill Hayes - difference between syndicated comics and comic books. Coming up. OTR - "Nightmare" based on "The Revolt Of The Machines," Dimension X.

Hour 25 - June 26, 1976.
Intro. Mike only. Coming up. Variety "War Of The Worlds" narrated by Richard Burton. Free Press review of "Logan's Run." Guests review the movie. The Mars Symposium. The Calendar. WesterCon: No banquet dinner, marking the bicentennial, how many people attending, convention events, Heinlein blood drive, voting for 1978 WesterCon location. Coming up. Tape - Philip K. Dick interview by Mike Hodel: why S.F., defining S.F., marketing S.F., Dhalgren, Harlan Ellison, leaving S.F., Double Day book club, publishers, first sale in 1951, 1954 hit a bad spot, Ubick, work habits, "Man In The High Castle," the E-Ching, John Sladeck, Richard Lupoff, prices for novels, editors, German publication of "Man In The HIght Castle", Japanese translator, bad check story, "Scanner Darkly," the funny suicide scene, undercover cops, drug burnt out man and his books, "Camp Concentration," consistent universe, what comes first when you write, writers you like, Ursula Leguin, Awards, what S.F. has become, S.F. on TV, screen plays, can't pay the postage, be prepared if you write S.F.. Outro. OTR - "Colony" by Philip K. Dick, X Minus 1.

  • Time: 1:47:32 - Philip K. Dick taped interviewed by Mike Hodel. The interview is followed by the X Minus One radio production of, “Colony,” by Philip K. Dick.

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