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Hour 25
January to June, 1975.

WARNING: Bad Spelling, polite corrections welcome.

Hour 25 - January 3, 1975.
Intro. Mike Hodel, Mitch Harding, and Katherine Calkin, coming up, The Calendar. Time travel, pronouns, Dhalgran, show's 3 year aniversary, next week, send letters to the show. Mitch reads the KPFK disclaimer in official voice. Taped production of "Riders of the Purple Wage." by Philip Jose Farmer, produced by The Youn Radishs, staring David Cloud, Harlan Ellison, Mitch Harding, Ethly Herman, Mike Hodel, Peter Lert, and Theodore Sturgeon. 0:09:00 to 2:54:30. Intro to Soft Core Phonography.

  • Time: 0:49 - MItch Harding’s special KPFK Disclaimer.

Hour 25 - January 10, 1975.
Intro. Mike, Mitch, and Katherine. Philip Jose Farmer will not be on tonight. Coming up. Humanistic vs. science. Dark Star. The Calendar. Second Annual Golden Scroll Awards on January 7, 1975. Dimensions In Science Fiction - Fact or Fantasy seminar on January 25, 1975. Futuristic Cultural Fiction Contest letter and rules. Locus news. Dhalgren. Letters - Mitch reads a letter from a creaton, Mike reads R. Feori letter, Mitch reads Charles Hocket card, Mike reads Berry Laymen letter and USAF UFO Forms, Mitch reads Blacky Nulmonger letter, Mitch reads Mike Timco letter. Philip Jose Farmer reminder. Mitch read Jerry Pournelle letter about Dolphins. Phones. Station ID. Next week. Tape - Carlos Hagin, Magazine of the Air, Dracula.

  • Time: 15:59 - Letters. Like most radio shows Hour 25 got letters. Mike and Mitch sometimes read them as on this occasion. This show has one of my favorites; the letter sent in by R. Feori, (I'm not sure how the name is spelled.) Even after all these years I still love it. :)

Hour 25 - January 17, 1975.
Hour 25 for 1975-01-17 did not come out on the tape. I'm not sure what happened. I ran the tape but now that I'm trying to play it back there seems to be nothing on the tape. It may well have been the Magnivox reocrder which had problems with it's presure pads. The pad bars may have come up when I was threading the tape thereby preventing the recording. This is more unfortunate than you may think. One of the items broadcast was a Germane Greir lecture as well as the beginning of "The Butterfly Kid." Luckily I found someone with a tape of the first instalment of "The Butterfly Kid" by Chester Anderson read by Gary Taylor so I've put that segment in.

Hour 25 - January 24, 1975.
Outro of Mundo Chicano. Promo for Among Consenting Adults. Intro. Mike, Mitch, and Katherine. Coming up. Berkeley Books publishes Heinlein future history. Dhalgren. The Calendar. Pollywog car. Natter. Yidish disclaimer. Tape reading "I'm Looking For Kadak." written and read by Harlan Ellison. Natter. Station ID. Live phone interview of Ray Bradbury by Mike Hodel. Phones. Mitch comments about Ray Bradburry's relevance. Doing interviews. Coming up. Good night. Disclaimer. "The Butterfly Kid" written by Chester Anderson, read by Gary Taylor, Part 2. Station ID. Intro to Softcore Phonography.

Hour 25 - January 31, 1975.
Outro La Rasa Nueva. Promo - Solirie. Intro Hour 25 theme. Natter. Coming up. The Calendar. Do readings. Dhalgren. Live interview of Dr. Rick Reese from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and Dr. Richard Tipping by Mike Hodel. Phones. Not sure what's coming up next week. "The Butterfly Kid" written by Chester Anderson, read by Gary Taylor, Part 3. Station ID. Intro to Softcore Phonography. Coming up. "Please Mr. President" by Paula Web. Jay talks about the Gramy Awards.

  • Time: 4:08 - “Please Mr. President” was a song for President Ford played on Softcore Phonography.

Hour 25 - February 7, 1975.
Intro. Mike and Terry only right now. Coming up. Theodore Sturgeon was Hour 25's first guest. Show went live in April 1973. The Calendar. Natter. Live reading "The P1800" in The New Yorker read by Mike Hodel. Mike and Ted talk about this type of machine, like David Gerold's. Live interview of Theodore Sturgeon. Dhalgren. Review of Dhalgren by Theodore Sturgeon. John Henry Thong has arrived. Station ID. Phones. Thank you Ted and coming up. Good night. "The Butterfly Kid" written by Chester Anderson, read by Gary Taylor, Part 4. Station ID. Intro theme for Softcore Phonography.

  • Time: 11:52 - “The P1800” article read by Mike Hodel. Mike and Theodore Sturgeon discus the article.
  • Time: 2:43 - Phones discuss the word prove, Mike Hodel, Mitch Harding, and Theodore Sturgeon.

Hour 25 - February 14, 1975.
Intro. Natter. Mike and Mitch. Coming up. Dhalgren. The Calendar. Talk, "Venus on the Half Shell." TV review of "All Together Now" read by Mitch Harding. "Science, What Is It's Function" by Sir George Porter read by Mitch Harding. Reading - "Marianna" by Fritz Leiber in "The Best of Fritz Leiber" read by Mike Hodel. Talk. Reading - "After The Fall" by Edward Wellen in the magazine of F. and SF., December 1974 read by Mitch Harding. Talk - change in plans for the rest of the show. Obituary - P. G. Woodhouse died read by Mike Hodel. Talk - coming up, Norstrilia, good night. Reading - "The Outsider" by H. P. Lovecraft read by Eric Bowersfield. KPFK Station ID. "The Butterfly Kid" written by Chester Anderson, read by Gary Taylor, Part 5. Station ID. Soft Core Phonography - Intro.

  • Time: 2:30 - Mike Hodel and MItch Harding on Dhalgren, Science Fiction fans, and class.
  • Time: 2:44 - “All Together Now” the TV movie about Charles Bomont's family - review read by Mitch Harding.
  • Time: 8:23 - “Science, What Is It's Function” article by Sir George Porter - read by Mitch Harding.
  • Time: 2:46 - Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse 1881 to 1975 - obituary read by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - February 21, 1975.
(Missed beginning of the show.) Letter - D. Day - speckle photography, Dhalgren, doggerel about the hosts. Live interview - Gene Youngblood by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding. Phones. Talk. Coming up. "The Butterfly Kid" written by Chester Anderson, read by Gary Taylor, Part 6. Softcore Phonography.

Hour 25 - February 28, 1975.
Intro. Dhalgren, a short description. Candy is dandy but Skify is spiffy. Coming up. The Calendar. "Soylant Green" on KNXT CBS 9 to 11. Coming up. Live interview - Andrew Morris and Tom Sanders. What is Libertarianism? Libertarianism and science fiction. Station ID. Phones. Thank you guests. Good night. "The Butterfly Kid" written by Chester Anderson, read by Gary Taylor, Part 7. Station ID. Soft Core Phonography intro.

  • Time: 0:05 - “Candy is dandy but skiffy is spiffy” a Mitch Harding saying.

Hour 25 - March 7, 1975.
Outro - El Mundo Chicano. Promo - Spring Garden Day by Barbara Spark. Promo - I have no idea what this is. Intro theme. Mike Hodel and Ethly Anne Herman, former Night Angel host tonight. Coming up. The Calendar. Talk, FilmX, Channel 68. Article - Fate Of The Universe by Leonard Santerelli read by Mike Hodel. Dhalgren. Letter - Bill Hayes - review of Dhalgren read by Mike Hodel. Talk - Possibility of listener book reviews on the show. Review - Dhalgren by Jerold Jonis in New York Times read by Mike Hodel. Review - "Breakdown Of A Breakthrough Novel" by Harlan Ellison read by Ethly Anne Herman. Dhalgren, The Piza game. Tape - The Piza Game by Mike Hodel, Emily Schiller, and Dave Boxhall. Phones for the Piza Game. The Piza Game at the station. Comin up next. Live reading - "The Cold Equations" by Robert Scheckley read by Ethly Anne Herman. The other story called "The Cruel Equations." Station ID. Coming up. More on FilmX. Mike decides to read a story. Live reading - "Starting From Scratch" by Robert Scheckley read by Mike Hodel. Coming up next. Tape Interview - Thelma Moss by Barbara Kati. Coming up. FilmX. No Jay Lacey tonight. Subscribe. Coming up. Mailing address. Good night. Tape reading - "Dimension Of Miracles" by Robert Scheckley read by Mike Hodel, part 1. Burt outros the show. Promo - The Follies by not sure. KPFK sign off.

  • Time: 18:40 - The Pizza Game.

Hour 25 - March 14, 1975.
Intro. Who's hosting, the guest and his credits. The Calendar. FilmX, Metropolis film situation. Letter - D. Day - Dhalgren, personal info read by Mitch Harding. Dhalgren. Letter - D. Day - Claryhue, Dhalgren read by Mitch Harding. Coelecanth, Texas Pterosaur. "A Boy And His Dog" schedueling, Sheri Gotleeb phones in. The Group Mind, Johny Carson and Pterosaur jokes. Gene Rodenberry and Trek feature film. Live - Alan Dean Foster interview by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding. Station ID, SciFi is spiffy. Phones. Station ID, calculator problem info. Interview (continued). Phones. Interview (continued). Station ID, thank you guest, next week. Paraphrase of KPFK's language disclaimer by Mitch Harding, good night. Tape - "Dimension of Miracles" by Robert Sheckley - Intro and chapters 5 to 10 read by Mike Hodel. Promo - Spring Garden Day by Barbara Spark. Song intro. LP - "Rippin' Off The A and P" By Ivan The Icecream Man. LP - "Grand Illusion" By Ivan The Icecream Man. LP - "Save This Land" By Ivan The Icecream Man. Songs outro. Station ID. Softcore Phonography Intro and announcements. LP - "Make Me Do Anything You Want" By A Foot In Cold Water. Song outro and intro next song. LP - "Love Is Enough" By David Ackols.

Hour 25 - March 21, 1975.
Balkan biggy promo. Sensored Dunsbery comic strip. TAIN Sir Fred Hoyle interview. Scienc Fiction Festival review. A Boy and His Dog review. 10 Tuesdays Down A Rabit Hole. Reading - Dimension of MIracles - part 3.

Hour 25 - March 28, 1975.
Live Big Balkan festival promo. Show time change announcement. D. Day letter about Dhalgrahn. Walter Koenig's part in 10 Tuesdays Down A Rabit Hole. Reading - Dimension of MIracles - part 4.

Hour 25 - April 4, 1975.
Better neighborhood pitching promo. Ellison in studio, HE's books coming out. Pitching. HE reviews 10 Tuesday - The Roots of Fantasy. Pitching. 10 Tuesdays description and tickets auction. Pitching. Phones. Peter Winkler letter. Talk. Harlan Ellison reads "Your Basic Crown of Thorns," the introduction to "Pain God." Talk.

Hour 25 - April 11, 1975.
Flash Bazbo. Pitching. Premiums. The Calendar. Pitching. Wakeen Dias - Sephardic Jewish songs. Premiums. Terry Hodel reviews the second Tuesday of 10 Tuesdays Down A Rabit Hole. Reading - "Arena" by Fredrick Brown read by Katherine Calkin. Reading - "Dimension of Miracles." Part 5 - by Robert Scheckly read by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - April 18, 1975.
Intro, Mitch Harding busy body award, coming up, pitching, William Lomax interview about S.F. seminar at Franklin High School, Space Patrol, making a book list for schools, ID, The Calendar, Dean Day letter about Dhalgran, Brad Munson letter about Your Basic Crown Of Thorns, pitching, Flash Bazbo Space Explorer, pitching, Flash Bazbo Space Explorer, pitching, good night, "Horror Torio" by Jerrard Hofnon, "The Totaly Rich" written and read by John Brunner.

  • Time: 7:04 - Brad Munson letter about “Paingod” read by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - April 25, 1975.
Pitching, coming up tonight, The Calendar, thank yous, premiums, Mitch reads - NBC first contact movie, Logan's Run, Hiroes Journey, coming up, premiums, matching fund - made it, Brad Munson letter about S.F. Fans, Dean Day letter about Prism and Lens poem and Dahlgran, pitching, ID, Mitch Harding reads"Phsycisomics" by Norman Spinrad in the October 1974 Analog magazine, "Stairway To Hell" by Rick Victor, Harry Harison interviewed by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - May 3, 1975.
Intro, the show now starts at midnight and is only 2 hours, coming up, Sci-Fi Will Lewis pronounced Skify, The Calendar, Live interview of Vonda N. McIntyre, Lisa Tuttle, and Jack Dann, phone, "Love Is An Imaginary Number" written and read by Roger Zelazny, more of the interview, "The Vamp" by Thomas M. Disch read by Mike Hodel.

Hour 25 - May 10, 1975.
Intro, coming up, alphabetically according to height, The Calendar, BJo Trimble interview about Equicon and Film Con, David Gerrold interview about writing and new work, BJo speaks up for David Gerrold, David Gerrold speaks up for BJo, David Gerrold's new book, writng styles, excerpt from "Jobe" written and read by David Gerrold, phones, coming up, "Down The Speedway With Half A Loaf" by Marc Zicree and Elliot Chang.

  • Time: 7:15 - B. Joe Trimble and David Gerold talk about how David Gerold and conventions and B. Joe’s convention work.
  • Time: 1:00 - Talking computer, David Gerrold, and his tape.

Hour 25 - May 17, 1975.
The first hour of the show is missing. Mike told me at the time that there was nothing special during the first hour. I'm assuming there was just talk and phones, no guests. The tape starts with phones and the show ends by playing "Lobotomy" written and directed by Marc Zicree, produced by Elliot Chang, featuring Bruce Rowitz, Randolf Drifus, Eilliot Chang, and Marc Zicree. Copyright © 1974 by Marc Zicree. This production is dedicated to Ricky Sender, for whom the blues were written.

Hour 25 - May 24, 1975.
Monotone news ending music, spot, intro, coming up, total lunar eclipse tomorrow, The Calendar, disclaimer, tape - "Mission to Mars Symposium" recorded at Antiock College West with Gentry Lee, Theodore Sturgeon, and Harlan Ellison.

Hour 25 - May 31, 1975.
Monotone news outro music, Intro music, coming up, The Calendar, Terry and Mike report on Equicon and Film Con, Time Magazine May 5, 1975 review of "Dark Star" read by Mike Hodel, F. and S.F. June 1975 "That Buck Rogers Stuff" by Ron Goulart read by Mike Hodel, Phone interview of Bill Mills, (The Night Turkey), by Mike Hodel, the final exam for 10 Tuesday Down A Rabit Hole read by Mike Hodel, Gary Taylor stops in, Hour 25's new time and length, taped interview of Joanna Russ by Mike Hodel.

  • Time: 3:00 - “Dark Star” review in Time magazine read by Mike Hodel.
  • Time: 10:38 - “The Night Turkey” phone interview of Bill Mills,

Hour 25 - June 7, 1975.
Intro theme, Baroque SF, coming up, new Robert Sheckly novel is out, Vertex Magazine #2 is it's last issue, The Calendar, John Brunner appearance on July 12, Ralph J. Gleason died Tuesday at 58 - L.A. Times notice read by Mitch Harding, A. A. Escuda letter to John Henry Thonge about Russian mystics etc., read by Mitch Harding, live reading "Direction of the Road" by Ursula K. Le Guin from Orbit 12 read by Mike Hodel, Mike request a list of basic astrology books, tape reading "Speed of the Cheetah, Roar of the Lion" by Harry Harison in F. and S.F. March 1975, tape interview of Professor James Gunn by Mike Hodel, Peter Bergman advice, "try for 5 minutes a day not to judge anybody", tape "Going Down Smooth" by Robert Silverberg, Auguat 1968 Galaxy Magazine, read by Mitch Harding, LP Symphony #3, Quasars, by Clermont Pepin, (Jay Lacey put crap sound effects over the later part of the music.)

Hour 25 - June 14, 1975.
Intro theme, comint up, The Calendar, Katherine Calkin and this month's music, The Group Mind corrects Mike, pitching, KPFK was off the air because mosquitos got into the transmitter shack, who is Gregory Kern?, Bruce Dern, Silent Running, the Orbit series, who is Tak Hallis - he is Steve Robbinette, SF fringies, (section missing.), coming up, old radio SF, some writers might be willing to write a story for Hour 25 to produce, good night, "The Garden of Time" by J. G. Ballard in Chronopolis read by Mitch Harding (incomplete, first minute only), Ear Play presents "Operation Vega" by Fredrich Durnmont presented by Ear Play in cooperation with the BBC..

Hour 25 - June 21, 1975.
Intro, James Schleshinger nuclear war, coming up, The Calendar, nuke them little yellow nigras, live guests - John and BJo Trimble, Hour 25 contest - name for the new rebroadcast hour during the week, Mitch reviews "Bugs", "Rollerball" review from Variety, then a review by John and B. Joe Trimble, Tape - two excerpts from the new novel "The Pale Brown Thing." written and read by Fritz Leiber, some show names received, "The Man Who Made Friends With Electricity" written and read by Fritz Leiber, X Minus 1 "A Pail Full of Air" by Fritz Leiber.

Hour 25 - June 28, 1975.
Intro theme, nukc those little blue nigras, coming up, Mitch describes the Universal Rotator, name suggestions, rebroadcast show's name is "Project Ozma", phone interview with Craig Miller about Wester Con 28, Martian jokes, The Calendar, Trentor Con update, Sirus 14, Nixon nomination for award, current books, tv shows, Rod Serling is in gaurded condition, good night, tape reading "The Salvation of Faust" by Roger Zelazny in July 1964 F. and S.F. read by Mitch Harding, talk, tape reading "Love Is An Imaginary Number" written and read by Roger Zalazny, "A Rose For Ecclesiastes" Written and read by Roger Zelazny.

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