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Hour 25
October to December, 1974.

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Hour 25 - October 18, 1974.
Station ID. Intro. Talk - That promo, the fair. What's on tonight, JPL Hot Rods of the Gods. LA Times Oct. 13, 1974, Man Made Objects In Orbit excerpt read by Mitch Harding. Objects orbits, junk, what's next. The Calendar. Books, SF Classics, currently reading. Next week, The Black Mass, programming. The taboo about Acid. What's up with tonight's guests. Rollerball short story. Tape - "Space Shoes Of The Gods" by John Sladek read by Mitch Harding. Live - Terry Car interview by Mike Hodel, Mitch Harding, and Katherine Calkin. Special Announcements Sheri Gotlebe. Phones. Thank you Terry Car, coming up, good night. Tape - "Neutron Star" by Larry Niven read by Mike Hodel.

  • Time: 0:07 - KPFK Station I.D. by Mitch Harding.
  • Time: 5:55 - The Calendar by Terry Hodel.
  • Time: 10:39 - Terry Carr interviewed by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding: Excerpt - Publishing, writers, editing, and more.
  • Time: 7:26 - Softcore Phonography - show intro.

Hour 25 - October 25, 1974.
Intro. Coming up. Host's introductions and Universal Rotator. Falling mic. Letter - Charles Hocket read by Mitch Harding. The Calendar. Mitch's new format for Apogee. New S.F. books, Hary Harison parody books. Discusing the term Indian Giver. Tape - "The Death of Halpin Frayzer" by Ambrose Bierce performed by Eric Bowersfield and others. Station I.D. Mitch reviews - "The People Called Apache" by Thomas E. Mails. Alternate universes, Indians, S.F. fans, open mindedness. Tape - "Evening Primrose" by John Caliour performed by Eric Bowersfield and others. Station I.D., Bester's story not in Galaxy. Article - "U.F.O., Visitor From Outer Space" by Margaret Meed in September 19 Red Book Magazine read by Mike Hodel. New version of Yung's book is out. Station I.D. Coming up. Harlan Ellison's persona. What's up after the show and good night. Tape - "The Lurking Fear" by H. P. Lovecraft read by Fredrick Shrag.

Hour 25 - November 1, 1974. Premiums. What is the 3729 Club. Why support KPFK. Gorck Around The Clock. Guest - Ovi King from KPFA, S.F. in San Francisco, KPFA problems. New total, what Ovi's been upto. Pitching. Premium. Tape - "Variations On An Alligation" produced by Will Lewis. Promo - The Great American Marithon produced by Mike Hodel. Song - High And Dry. Thank you subscribers, Scott Jacobs and Eric Foss. Premium - Still have some Kelly Freis premiums left. Premiums. Pitching. The mic is still live. Go ahead Mike, talk. The total is $3041. Station ID. Tape - "The Man In The Rorschach Shirt" by Ray Bradbury read by Mike Hodel. Promo - 7 and a half cents produced by Mike Hodel. Station ID. Reading credits. Coming up. Pitching. KPFK language disclaimer. Tape - "Wheels" by Robert Thurston read by Mike Hodel.

  • Time: 2:38 - “Americans” song.

Hour 25 - November 8, 1974. Intro. Thank you Mike for letting Mitch do the show solo. Subscription rates. Introing the Micro Mini Mitchathon. Pitching. Song - Opera 101. MMM 101 produced by Mitch Harding. Pitching. Premiums. Promo - Seven and a half cents produced by Mitch Harding. Pitching. Premium. Song - Opera. MMM. Pitching. Matching fund coming up. Song - Opera. Pitching. Promo - The Great American Marathon produced by Mike Hodel. 30 minute $500 matching fund. Promo - Hey Big Spender produced by Mike Hodel. Pitching. Matching fund result. Thank you subscribers. Station I.D. Pitching. MMM. Promo - Words Words Words produced by Mike Hodel. Pitching. Watergate expenses. Song - Opera. MMM. Pitching. Premium. Promo - West Side Story produced by Mike Hodel. MMM. Song - Opera. MMM. Pitching. Premiums. MMM. Promo - Seven and a half cents produced by Mike Hodel. Pitching. Song - William Tell Overture By Gioachino Rossini.

Hour 25 - November 15, 1974.
Credits for previous show. Song - It Is Station KPFK. Promo - Never Give Anything Away produced by Mike Hodel. Intro, coming up. Pitching, son of a Mitch. Matching fund. Need phone volunteers, made the matching fund. Promo - The Great American Marathon produced by Mike Hodel. Thank yous. Phones. Pitching Song - "Die Gedanken Sind Frei" by Pete Seeger by Pete Seeger. Promo - Necessity produced by Mike Hodel. 6:00 news, pirching, The Raid. Pitching, you didn't call, pitching.

  • Time: 2:22 - “It Is Station K PFK” song.
  • Time: 01:51 - “Never Give Anything Away” Promo by Mike Hodel.
  • Time: 06:00 - “The Raid” pitching - Mike and Terry Hodel.
  • Time: 02:15 - Insurance and Monsters by Frank Ajaye.

Hour 25 - November 22, 1974.
Pitching. Matching fund. Made the matching fund, thank yous, coming up. LP - The Day The Earth Stood Still. LP - Farenhiet 451. LP - Journey to the Center of the Earth. LP - The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad in The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Hermann.

Hour 25 - November 29, 1974.
Pitching. Quote describing Pacifica by Hallick Hoffman and pitching read by Mike Hodel then Mike Hodel, Mitch Harding, and Katherine Calkin. LP - "Mars" by John Coltrane Interstellar Space by John Coltrane. "Mars" outro, Logo - "Big Echos" by Avery Schriber. Coming up next. We have a matching fund. The Matching Fund. We made it. Tape - "Golden The Ship Was, Oh, Oh, Oh" by Cordwainer Smith read by Mike Hodel in "You Will Never Be The Same". Promo - Never Give Anything Away produced by Mike Hodel. Thank yous. Stan Vanderbeek and Ed Emshweller film showing. Another $100 matching fund. Promo - Great American Marathon produced by Mike Hodel. Pitching. Arranging Jay Lacey's $100 matching fund.

Hour 25 - December 6, 1974.
Outro - La Rasa Nueva. KPFK Christmas fair special benefit BJo Trimble. Station I.D.. Intro. Let's do another marathon. The phone numbers have been taken out. Vertex, magazines, Astounding, Orbit 13. Coming up tonight. How Mike got the Fred Pohl interview. Mitch discusses his reading. Coming up, fans, Hobbit, In The Control Tower. Coming up, Riders Of The Purple Wage. Interesting times ahead on Hour 25. The Calendar. Grab your beer.... Article - Pioneer 11 space probe read by Mike Hodel. KPFK's Golden Mic Awards. Mitch Harding's 26 week experiment with Apogee. Berry Goldwater retiring to head a U.F.O. organization. Discuss U.F.O.s. Tape - Fred Pohl interview by Mike Hodel. Station I.D.. Science fiction in Latin America. Read an S.F. story from Latin America. Tape - "God's Big Fix" by Richard Rhodes read by Mitch Harding. Who is Richard Rhodes. Barbara Katy's John Dean interview will be in Playboy. Coming up. Good night. Intro to Pickman's Model. Tape - "Pickman's Model" by H. P. Love craft reader unknown.

Hour 25 - December 13, 1974.
Outro - La Rasa Nueva. Station I.D.. KPFK Christmas fair. Intro. Favorite names, intro hosts. Please remember to send in your pledge money. Coming up tonight, I feel more like I do now... The Calendar. Thank you Terry. You won't believe what we were talking about. Intro Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Live - Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle - interview by Mike Hodel, Mitch Harding, and Katherine Calkin. Let's open the phones. Phones. Live - Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle - interview by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding. Get Heinlein on the show. Coming up. Mention of the reading "In The Control Tower." Intro for 1968 Bay Con tape by Mitch Harding. Tape - 1968 Bay Con Rememberance of things past. - Robert Bloch, Edmund Hamilton, Fritz Leiber, Emol Pitallia, E. Hofman Price, and Jack Williamson. Good night. KPFK sign off - incomplete.

  • Time: 10:42 - Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle - interview excerpt: talk about the book “The Mote in God's EyeLink to The Mote In God's Eye book on
  • Time: 5:17 - Types of S.F. stories.
  • Time: 0:40 - Are you guys crazy Eddies?
  • Time: 1:08 - Correcting a galley error.
  • Time: 6:33 - Dolphin safe Tuna.
  • Time: 0:22 - Mike Hodel's comment that Hour 25 may be the only Science Fiction show currently on radio.
  • Time: 3:35 - Theodore Sturgeon calls in to talk with the guests and discuss his review of their book.
  • Time: 6:44 - Trenton Con update from Larry Niven.

Hour 25 - December 20, 1974.
Outro music for previous show. Station ID, KPFK Fair announcement. Intro, KPFK fair, The Calendar. Mitch intros spot for next weeks show. Promo - "In The Control Tower" by Will Moler produce by Mitch Harding. More on next weeks show, coming up. Live - "U.F.O. Special" review by J. Sharbit read by Mike Hodel. Review of the review of "U.F.O. Special." Notes on recording "The Hobit" by Harley Usill read by Mitch Harding. Who could make "Lord of the Rings." LP - "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkein read by Nicol Williamson on Argo Records.

Hour 25 - December 27, 1974.
Hour 25 for December 27, 1974 was not recorded because the cable went out.

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