Photo of Joe Adams. Joe Adams

Joe Adams

          Joe Adams was one of the “original” crew on Hour 25. He did, among other things; the original theme (with music by early techno group “Can” called “Dizzy Dizzy”), he also was the board engineer after Mitch Harding and before Burt Handelsman. He recorded conventions and also hosted the show on several occassions, particularly when they related to comic books, sci-fi art, and convention news.

          He did many other programs at the station. He was the original board op to launch Roy Tuckman's “ Something's Happening,” did the 10th Anniversary program on the Kennedy assassination (1963-1973), produced a reading of “The Hobbit” for the christmas reading, engineered “Folkscene” (for a while), “Music Black and White,” and “Morning news.” He also had his own show “Adams and Roebuck.”

          After leaving KPFK he continued to frequent the station on Friday nights, did some research for, and had dinners with, Mike Hodel and later Harlan Ellison. It was during that period he wrote and produced “Chapel Perilous” which is now available on so anyone can download the entire four hour series.

          Under the name Joe Coleman, he was part of the team developing the science fiction game called “ Skyrealms of Jorune” and currently publish new Jorune material. His fantasy novel, “The Song Of Orphans” is available and his second novel “Climbing The Spiral Mountain” is due out at the end of 2011, also through Oak & Lotus.

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