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Arthur Byron Cover

          For several years Art hosted Hour 25 once a month during the ear of rotating hosts. Then, as now, He runs Dangerous Visions, the science fiction book store in Sherman Oaks, California.

          Art began his association with the science fiction field by reading the stuff.

          In 1971 he attended the Clarion Writer's SF Workshop in New Orleans, where he made his first professional sale to Harlan Ellison's The Last Dangerous Visions. That story has yet to appear, but in the interim he's published several novels: Autumn Angels, The Platypus of Doom and Other Nihilists, The Sound of Winter, An East Wind Coming, Planetfall, and Stationfall.

          His short stories have appeared in Infinity Five, Alternities, The Alien Condition, Weird Heroes #6, The Year's Best Horror #4 and #5, Wild Cards #5: Down & Dirty, and Pulphouse. In addition, he's written several comics -- most notably two issues of Daredevil with Harlan and Space Clusters, a graphic novel from DC illustrated by Alex Nino -- plus several animation scripts, and reviews and articles for such august publications as The New York Review of Science Fiction.

          Art's managed DV since its founding. His short story "The Performance of a Lifetime" appeared in the 1997 anthology Free Space, edited by Brad Linaweaver and Ed Kramer. His latest book is Night of the Living Rerun -- the fourth novel based on the hit TV show "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer."

          Cover has remarked that he began his career as a professional writer, then became a bookseller, and then became a fan. He figures that if this pattern of social mobility continues, pretty soon he'll be able to just read the stuff again.

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