Marc Wielage

          It's been so long since I talked to Marc that I don't have his name written down; I hope I've spelled it right. Whether I have or not, he was also a huge help with the archives. While he provided a few tapes, he was even more helpful on the equipment end; he sold me my first and only high speed, dual side, Dolby record, dubbing deck. I got the chance to visit him a few times and I've never seen so much stuff in one place. He even had a satellite dish, which was very unusual back then. I also got to see what digital audio looks like when played back on a TV; black and white, lines going up the screen, looking a little like grooves in a record, if I remember correctly. We almost got me recording the show on 8mm D.A.T. tape but that proved to be out of my price range, so I stuck with open reel recorders.

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