Assistants To The Archivist

          Over the years I've done all the archive work myself ... slaved over a hot open reel recorder, suffered through the outages of Warner Cable, and whipped up blank reels of audio tape from scratch ... and if you believe all that, I have a bridge to sell you. :)

          A number of people have helped me get tapes over the years. Sometimes they were better quality ones than my cable company made it possible for me to get ... my cable company that can't be bothered to carry KPFK anymore -- thank you so much, Time Warner Cable of Bakersfield. At least Hour 25 is now on the web so we all can hear it, cable company or not.

          So, who are these masked men and women who have made the difference, mailed tapes through sleet and snow, spent hours trying to figure out why the heck doesn't that blasted computer record the show like I set it up to, and who knows what else? Now, in no particular order, you get to find out.

          There are others who helped too, I'm sorry I can't remember all of you right now. I want to tell all of the people who helped me, listed or not, thank you. The archives would still be here but not as complete and not sounding as good if you hadn't helped.

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