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          Hour 25 is the longest-running broadcast show dealing with Science Fiction and related topics. It was created by Mike Hodel and Mitch Harding back in 1972. This web site is devoted to preserving the past as well as keeping a record of the show's future.

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          Now that Hour 25 is exclusively on the web you can go to the official web site, www.hour25online.com and hear the current and many previous shows.

          If you want to go back, way back, back into time; you can hear some audio clips from the "Good Old Days", just got to The Shows page and choose the year and date you're interested in. The list of shows has sound clip players for a number of broadcasts. You can also listen to my interview of Ron Kelly about his role on Battlestar Galactica; it's 23 minutes.

          So what's available on this web site? Not much yet; but hang in there, something's bound to show up ... some year. :) "Patience Lieutenant, patience." At least I've found the first phone call about starting the Hour 25 archives.

“I Did It So Can You,” is more than a book about losing weight, it also covers relaxation techniques, exercise, stress reduction, and attitude. Its a distillation of the many techniques that have kept me alive for the last 30 years through a series of physical and mental-health challenges. These are the methods I used to go from a depressed, couch bound, fibromyalgia patient, 100 pounds overweight, to a cheerful, vibrant, triking harper.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Ye Gods

Written By
Anne Collins

Aqua Vita

Written by
Jeremy Bertrand Finch

Cat and Mouse

Written By
Christy Marx

A Message From Cherity.

Teleplay by
Alan Brennert
Based on the short story
William M. Lee

A Saucer Of Loneliness

Teleplay by
David Gerrold
Based On The Short Story By
Theodore Sturgeon

Her Pilgrim Soul

Written By
Alan Brennert

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